Plastic carrier Bags

Our plastic carrier bags are ideal for retail and shopping centres with variety of styles


Aama packaging is a leading suppliers and manufacturers of plastic carrier bags in the UK. Our range of plastic carrier bags are ideal for various applications such as shopping, parcelling, and retail. Our plastic carrier bags are available in variety of sizes, shapes, and colours to meet the varying needs of each client. Our plastic carrier bags can be made in various colours and features, such as releasable flap, bottom sealing, patch handles, and punch out handles.

Our plastic carrier bags are strong and durable, these bags are ideal for carrying larger weight items. Our classic plastic carrier bags are usually used by fashion stores and upscale retailers to carry a wide range of products. They come in a variety of colours and are available in different styles.The white bags are the most economical options when it comes to carrying items.

Patch Handles

If you are looking for something that will match your brand or logo, then we have best for you.


Types of Plastic Carrier Bags

  • Bottle Bag                                      
  • Vest Carrier Bags
  • T-shirt Bag
  • Butcher Bag
  • Banana Handle Bags
  • Patch Handles
  • Plain and Printed Shopping Bags
  • Biodegradable Plastic Packaging Bags
  • Medium Bags
  • Extra Large Bags
  • Jumbo Bags

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