Custom Printed Bags

A well-designed and effective printed bags can boost your brand visibility; it can be tailored to suit any business. We have been able to provide various companies with branded packaging that can be used to appeal to high-end consumers and independent retailers.


At Aama Brothers, we guarantee that our products are made to the highest standards. We can customise them to your exact requirements, including the sizes, colours, and textures of their packaging. Our wide range of products includes various types of bags, such as cotton bags, plastic bags, and fabric bags. We can also provide you with multiple materials such as tissue paper or wrapping tap.

These allow you to protect and promote your products while maintaining a professional and crisp print. We are additionally popular for businesses that operate on multiple platforms.


We work to ensure that your printed bags are as effective as possible, but fully customised packaging can also help boost your brand’s visibility. We can create various types of bags that are designed to be informative and promotional, such as safety information and promotional events.

Plastic Carrier Bags

Our plastic carrier bags are ideal for retail and shopping centres with variety of styles…..

Garbage Bags

Our range of garbage bags are ideal for household, office, garden, and building waste…

Plastic Containers

Our plastic containers are ideal use for food packaging in restaurants and homes….